Noodoe commercial  EV charging stations have been certified to meet industry quality and safety standards. They boast an easy management system via Noodoe EV OS and provide the simplest charging experience for drivers. All our chargers are quality certified.

DC Charging Solutions

Our level 3 DC commercial EV charging stations charge electric vehicles more quickly, making them ideal for roadside charging, short-term parking lots, shopping centers, and strategic traffic flow locations. Additionally, these chargers are the perfect choice for logistics companies looking to transition to green fleets. Learn more about DC fast charging here.

30 kW

30 kW

60 kW Exceed

120 kW Exceed

150 kW Exceed

180 kW Exceed

360 kW Exceed

25 kW

30 kW

50 kW

30 kW

Noodoe EV Exceed DC


The Noodoe EV Exceed DC chargers are the fastest, highest performing DC chargers in the industry. Through Noodoe technological innovation, our Exceed DC  level 3 chargers offer 20% faster performance at the same price point, an incredible value for money. Choose from 60 kW, 120 kW, or 180 kW chargers.

Custom Solutions and Higher Output
Commercial EV Charging Stations

Noodoe Charging Locations

In addition to our listed AC and DC EV charging stations, we have established relationships with all top level 2 AC and level 3 DC electric vehicle charging station manufacturers. If you have a project that requires higher output EV chargers, let’s talk! We’re sure we can help you find the right solution to meet your needs. 

If you already have charging stations deployed, note that Noodoe EV OS follows open protocols and can be used to manage a wide spectrum of EV charging stations. 

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Let’s see if a Noodoe EV charging solution is right for you. Please let us know what you’re interested in or what questions you have, and one of our Noodoe EV experts will be in touch.