Attract Tenants

Truly Automated

Increase Revenue

Power Management

Digital Membership

Basic Needs:
Water, Power,
EV Charging

Meet Them with noodoe EV

Attract Tenants

Truly Automated

Increase Revenue

Power Management

Digital Membership

The Best Place to Charge is at Home

A 2021 study by J.D. Power shows that 88% of EV owners usually charge at home. This is important for managers of multi-unit dwellings. EV charging attracts and retains valuable, EV-driving residents. Also, EV charging is a great source of increased revenue for multi-unit dwellings.

Develop Your Apartment or Condo with Noodoe EV

  • Increase your number of EV drivers.
  • Enjoy easy, automated charger management.
  • Easily manage tenant access.
  • Monetize your investment.
  • Save on installation costs.

Hands-off Management with Ease

Get to Know True Autonomy

All Noodoe EV chargers run on Noodoe EV OS. It’s easy to use and built for automation. This powerful, cloud-based system is simple enough for anyone to operate. Diagnostics and self-recovery minimize the need for expensive upgrades or labor. In fact, it optimizes every EV charger at your multi-unit dwelling.





Take Control of Your Assets

Noodoe EV OS gives you control over your chargers. Pre-set programming automatically changes prices to match peak hours. Drivers enjoy flexible payment options, while you appreciate funds transferred right to your bank account. See all chargers from the central dashboard, whether they’re on-site or across numerous properties. Noodoe EV OS makes it easy.




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Smart Energy Management:
Happy Charging for You and Your Tenants

Noodoe EV helps you install more EV chargers without costly upgrades to your multi-unit building. You could install 2x or even 4x as many chargers with your current electrical panel. Installing more chargers means making room for more EVs. 

Noodoe EV OS’s smart load balancing feature distributes the power. Then, only those EVs that need a charge get power. Now everyone can have a good night’s sleep and wake up with a full charge!

Load Balancing with Noodoe EV OS


Noodoe EV OS offers a range of ways to make your EV-driving resident feel like VIPs. And most importantly, it keeps everything simple and easy to use. This way, everyone at your multi-unit dwelling can meet their EV charging needs.

EV CHarging: Convenience for Everyone

Virtual membership cards are emailed right to members. Charging by membership lets you track usage. So you can see which accounts are using chargers and when they’re using them. You can also track data over a single membership or across your entire network.

Public/Private Charging: You Choose


Charging just for your tenants. EV chargers are always available for members.


Define public charging times. Offer different rates for member and non-member charging.

Level 2 Charging Station

Noodoe EV W1000

Hands-off, autonomous management with Noodoe EV OS.

  • Noodoe EV OS web portal streamlines pricing changes and includes important integrated reporting.
  • Smart load management makes for easy deployment at locations with limited power input.
  • Flexible mounting options:
    • Wall installation
    • Pedestal installation
    • Dual pedestal installation

Let's Talk

Let’s see if a Noodoe EV charging solution is right for you. Please let us know what you’re interested in or what questions you have, and one of our Noodoe EV experts will be in touch.