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Noodoe EV Hospitality Charging Solutions

Hotels that install early quickly enjoy the fruits of their foresight.  They enjoy customer loyalty and increased revenue. EV-driving guests are more likely to stay with them when away from home. You are also able to turn parking lots into EV charging havens for both guests and visitors.

Choosing to equip your hotel with EV charging is an easy decision. And choosing the right EV charging solution is even easier. With Noodoe EV, you are making a choice that will attract more clients to your establishment today. You will provide them excellent service when they arrive and keep them coming back for years to come.  

Enhance Your Business With EV Charging

A7 hotel EV charger
  • Attract more guests by becoming the hotel of choice for EV drivers.
  • Elevate your customer base by bringing in higher profile, higher spending guests. These guests tend to be the ones who drive EVs.
  • Be a brand that shines as a green leader in your industry. Communicate that you’re ahead of the competition in promoting clean transportation. 
  • Transform your parking lot into a revenue generating site.

Charging Makes a Difference

For an EV driver, convenience is key when it comes to “filling up.” As they don’t require gas stations, electric vehicles can top up anywhere chargers are available. Parking lots are now the ideal filling stations. 

Discerning hotels know that the addition of EV chargers improves both value and convenience. They are important for drivers who want to charge overnight. Their guests will also appreciate the efficiency of charging while they visit. A quick trip to the lounge becomes a lunch or dinner date while a car charges effortlessly in the parking lot. Chargers are perfect additions to anywhere people may wish to linger. 

Sheraton Universal Hotel

Sheraton Universal is an iconic 4-star hotel located right next to Universal Studios. The hotel features 461 newly renovated guest rooms and approximately 400 parking spaces on the premises. And, of course, Noodoe EV chargers to make sure every guest has the perfect place to charge up during their stay.

Sheraton Universal

Millennium Biltmore Hotel

Hotel Millennium Biltmore Los Angeles

Across the US, we’re helping businesses like the iconic Millennium Biltmore Hotel, home of the Academy Awards ceremony, modernize their parking facilities with the installation of smart Noodoe EV charging stations. The EV station rollout ensures that the hotel will continue to attract high-value patrons, while their Noodoe EV OS stations provide them with fully automated service delivery and universal payment processing.


Hands-off Management with Ease

Get to Know True Autonomy

All Noodoe EV chargers run on Noodoe EV OS. It’s easy to use and built for automation. This powerful, cloud-based system is simple enough for anyone to operate. Diagnostics and self-recovery minimize the need for expensive upgrades or labor. It optimizes every EV charger on your site.





Take Control of Your Assets

Noodoe EV OS gives you control over your chargers. Pre-set programming automatically changes prices to match peak hours. Drivers enjoy flexible payment options, while you appreciate funds transferred right to your bank account. See all chargers from the central dashboard, whether they’re on-site or across numerous properties. Noodoe EV OS makes it easy.




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