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At Noodoe EV, we appreciate each and every client and partner working with us to advance the worldwide push for electrified transportation. We want to give a shout out to a few of those businesses whose dedication to a greener today is helping to make a cleaner tomorrow.

United States

Hotel Millennium Biltmore Los Angeles

The Millennium Biltmore Los Angeles

Opened in 1923, the hotel’s unique interior features frescos and murals, carved marble fountains and columns, crystal chandeliers, and embroidered tapestries. The Millennium Biltmore Los Angeles is the birthplace of the Academy Awards and the proud home of a host of Noodoe EV charging stations. This hotel with such a rich history has made it a point to be a part of the future as well!


Noodoe EV & Green Dot Group

“At Green Dot, our vision is to help create a sustainable future for Canadians by leveraging the very best innovations in energy design and engineering that puts people and our planet first.” said, Christopher Misch, President of Green Dot Group. “Teaming up with Noodoe gives us tremendous time-to-market advantage to offer state-of-the-art EV charging products and services in our fast growing market.”


Audi Taiwan

Audi and Noodoe EV are working together to create a comprehensive network charging program, from home charging to public charging and dealership network charging. The objective of Noodoe EV and Audi’s partnership is to foster a ubiquitous, comprehensive offering of EV charging solutions for Audi e-tron owners.

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Driving the Revolution TOday, Not Tomorrow

Not everyone sees the beauty in an EV charger. That’s because they’re usually at the back of parking lots or in underground structures. However, we at Noodoe know that every charger installed represents another step forward in the green revolution. That’s why we feel that every charger is beautiful and should get its moment to shine. Here are just a few of our current favorites, doing their part to make our world a greener place.

Taiwan EV charger station
Noodoe EV Charger station 8
Noodoe and EVCT
Noodoe EV Charger station 8
Noodoe EV Charger station 8

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