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Technology has touched many industries and brings beneficial leverage for businesses of all kinds. Many enterprises have learned that offering the convenience of EV charging services attracts customers and boosts business profiles. Now, everyone can take the fullest advantage of their EV charging services with Noodoe Microservices. Our next-generation charging network management operating system – Noodoe EV OS – integrates seamlessly with the Noodoe Microservices Library, home to a wide range of applications that offer custom tools and solutions for your business needs. 

Simple marketing tool for retail businesses

Smart energy distribution based on each EV’s state of charge

Voucher code

One-time-use voucher codes for your customers

Fleet charging

Smart management of fast charging for any size of fleet

Subscription system

Offer customers the ability to subscribe and charge 

User Management

Offer charging and prices based on predetermined user types

Smart scheduling

Clear scheduling for optimal charging hours 

Prepaid card

Pay first then charge, easy and simple 

charging network

A centralized system for Charging Network Operators

Energy storage

Available regions: Global 

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